We chose a traditional quebecois christmas story and broke it up into 25 pieces.  Like an Advent calendar, each day from December 1st to the 25th, we will deposit a excerpt on the sidewalks of Mount-Royal Avenue between Papineau Street and Mount-Royal Metro.  Ok so maybe you don't speak french... you won't get the whole story but you may get a kick out of what you'll see in the boxes.

And by the way, the ending of the story will happen right in front of your eyes on DECEMBER 24TH at 4pm in front of the Mount-Royal Metro station, come and see it LIVE with music and all!  

And maybe, then, if you still haven't figured out the story, we can translate it for you!

A christmas gift for our city and its residents
imagined and created by 
Patsy Van Roost and Stéphanie Leduc
for Joyeux Décembre!